Herb and Onion Couscous

Herb and Onion Couscous

2 medium onions
2 medium zucchini
2 large handfuls flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
2 large handfuls coriander, roughly chopped
1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 jar marinated artichokes, drained
1 package couscous, prepared

1 large clove garlic, crushed
4 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt, to taste
Ground black pepper, to taste

Cut both onions into 8 pieces and place in baking tray with olive oil. Bake at 350 degrees F, for 40 minutes or until roasted and dark in color. (Roasted onions with slightly charred edges not only look good but add an extra dimension to the flavor of the dish.)

Cut zucchini into long thin strips and fry until dark brown ridges appear on the flesh. Set aside.

Combine artichokes, couscous, roasted onions and herbs in a large bowl and mix together. Add dressing to taste and serve.