hey and howdy there

Just stumbled on this place after picking up a copy of America’s Most Wanted Recipes at a book sale here at the hospital and it happened to mention this here website/forum. My wife will likely kill me for the thousandth time because I have an overwhelming collection of cookbooks already. Hey, a few cookbooks a year are still cheaper than a round of golf and drinks afterward in the clubhouse.
I’m married, father of two girls, and spend as much time as I can in the kitchen. Although I have a couple hundred cookbooks to reference/resource, most of my cooking is done “on the improv” with little more than a pile of ingredients and a basic idea. I do read cookbooks for pleasure, and as a basic outline/concept, but I’ve never been particularly good at following rules and directions…which also makes it difficult to replicate a recipe or pass it on to others. But I’m working on it, and try to write things down before I forget them.
Most everything I’ve learned about cooking has come from 1) observation of my mom, dad, grandparents, older sister, and virtually every cooking show that’s been on TV for 30 years 2) reading reading reading and 2) trial and error.
I cook only for enjoyment and sustenance, never monetary gain.
But enough about me, I need to go look at a few thousand recipes…

Just got moaned at for not posting before but it has taken me months, no years to be able to get back onto the site. Whatever I did I couldn’t get in. Not my fault but I am here now. The last time I was here was in 2006.
Hi KW, nice to be back again. I had the same problem with FP as well.