Hey, everyone

I just joined this morning and thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m a musician (semi-retired due to diabetic neuropathy in my hands making it painful to play). I play Celtic music on the fiddle and bouzouki.

I love to cook. My passion is Southeast Asian food, expecially Vietnamese and Indonesian. Kind of an odd interest, considering I’m from Utah in the US, but I’ve had a lot of vietnamese friends and there are a lot of good oriental restaurants in Salt Lake City.

I look forward to chatting and sharing recipes with you folks.

Right, here it is. The best Thai recipe I’ve ever cooked (well, I do manage to mess most of them up! d’oh). It’s a green curry with cod. I’m not a fishy person normally but this was great when I made it a few weeks back.

Recipe Search: Green Curry Cod

Do you know of any easy(ish) Vietnamese recipes?