Hey from Missouri

Just wanted to introduce myself ! I love this site…all the recipes and info is wonderful ! Looking forward to spending alot of time on this site ! Can’t wait to try out some of these recipes and I will post one soon myself ! Have a great day…:wink:

Welcome to our site 57ChevyChick,

We hope that you will enjoy our great site as much as we. We have many, many recipes to share with you, please feel free to post your favorite recipes we are always looking for new recipes, tips and just to chat with us.

Please feel free to ask any questions none are to silly to ask we will try and help you if you ever need it. For more recipes, blogs, chats, tips and even cooking groups we would like for you to drop by our sister site. FoodPals.com it is a lot of fun there so come on over to the site and share and even join.

Thanks for joining RSN.

Southern Belle 2067

nice to be here