Hi from Australia

I have been a member for some little time now but have never taken the time to say hello.

I live at Bundaberg which is on the north east coast of Australia on the Pacific Ocean. The state we live in is Queensland . Our climate is tropical and I see some in the US are asking for the snow to come to cool them down.

Well I have never seen snow as the lowest it gets here in winter is about 10 C which is is about 50 farenheit. Our summers can get a little warm but never too hot ,say about 35 celsius ( 95 farenheit).

There is a saying in Australia that Queensland is beautiful one day and perfect the next.

I love to cook and find many nice recipes here.


H i im from canada was looking on here to see some recipes. I think that there are so really good one that i will try out.

Are you the same Kitchenwitch as on Foodpals.com?

I recently joined Foodpals and registered as Silkhat but when I go to log in it shows a message "banned by Admin ".
I have emailed Admin asking for someone to correct this but have not had an answer. Can you help ?


Thank you so much for that. I was not aware of the reason as I never thought about spammers. Yes they are a big nuisance with sites such as these bringing nothing to the forums.

In the next few weeks I will try to add some Australian recipes to both sites but really American recipes and Australian ones are very similar. The only difference is often if the recipe calls for the addition of a product that we do not have in our supermarkets and then I have to work out a substitute.

The one which I wished we had here is the Bisquick refrigerated dough and also canned mushrooms. I have to use Champignons which are close but not quite the same.