Hi I'm new here

Hi, I’m new here, hoping to exchange recipes with you nice people.
Thank You Torchio[/b]

Welcome Aboard Torchio…

There’s LOTS & LOTS here to choose from…one of the things to use right now that will make your “browsing” that much easier is the “search” funcion found at the top of the page.

According to one of the “upper eschelon” people, we are due for some “format changes” in the very near future that are supposed to make the whole site easier to navigate and more pleasureable to use…we shall see though.

iIf ya got any sticky questions or need some cooking advice…don’t overlook our moderator, Kitchen Witch.

She writes cook books and has LOTS of knowlwdge and experience…besides being a nice person and andswering all sorts of questions.

To get to her, just click on her name and then on the profile sheet that comes up just click on “pm” and it will take you to the e-mail message sheet for this system which then sends it on to Ms. Witch.

Once again “Welcome”…ALWAYS good to see a new face !!


Welcome aboard torchio!!!

It is always nice to share recipes with everyone here. there is so much to share and enjoy.

We have a wonderful group of active members that help to keep this site going strong.

I know that we will all enjoy your recipes - please feel free to post away!!

Kitchen Witch

and to JGB -

thank you for the kind words - it is always so much pleasure working with people like you!

Hi torchio…

Welcome to Recipe Secrets! Our members here are a friendly bunch, and are ready and willing to help, when or if needed. Be sure to visit all the forums, and of course, post up your recipes too!

Ditto to Johns comment regarding the moderator of this forum…Kitchen Witch! Actually, she moderates several forums and is very active in posting\sharing her recipes, in a consistant and generous fashion!

Our other moderators are: Swtness in the Ingredient forum and Aline and myself in the International Recipes, Just Desserts Recipes, and the Heart & Health Recipes Forums. And of course, it is only fair to acknowledge our Web Master\site owner\operator…Mr. Ro.n Dou.glas. Ron is a great resource and “go-to guy” too! Our site is growing\evolving dynamically and you certainly found the right place to be. I am certain you will enjoy all that there is to offer here at Recipe Secrets.

Once again…WELCOME!

B-man :wink:

Hi! I just joined, & I’m already checking out the recipes! I LOVE to cook, & since I live in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, I’m sure I can pass on some good recipes, too! Let’s get cookin’!

Kathy :smiley:

Welcome! :smiley:

Welcome momofsix -

I know that I for one, would be very interested in seeing the recipes that you would like to share with us - and many other members feel the same way.

What makes this site so unique is the wonderful variety of recipes that our active members share.

Post away!!!

And welcome aboard!!

Kitchen Witch