hi im new

hi guys and girls. not sure if ive introduced myself yet.

im lisa 23 from essex in the uk. i work for sainsburys supermarket in the customer cafe cooking cleaning, etc etc.

i have a passion for food which i have set up a forum on it. i have a fiance of nearly 4years. enjoy meeting new people, shopping, spending time with my fiance and best friend.

think thats about it for now.

hey k/witch. thanks for the warm welcome. i have pm’d you but not sure if you have looked yet. lol

thanks again x

Welcome lisap, to our wonderful site, Hope you like as much as we do and please don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help, and please by all means share some of your recipes or just to chat.

Again Welcome to RSN

thanks belle. i do like this site. so much to choose from!!

here is my forum. could you take a look at it for me and see where im going wrong. purely because i dont have any members on there!


thanks lisa