Hi! I'm new.

Hi, everyone! I’m a married/working mom from Jersey. I have 2 jobs and am currently earning my college degree online. I love to cook and I love to read, so my obsession is cookbooks. I love to cook but unfortunately with my schedule I don’t have much time to. I’m so happy I joined this site, and am looking forward to reading and posting new recipes.

Welcome aboard DocGirl!

Hey everybody. New to the site. Just a country girl from the great state of GA, trying to get my “cook” on. Cooking is my passion. When I really love a new dish I’ve tasted in a restaurant, I eat it slowly trying to discern the flavors and spices. I try desperately to re-create everything I can. Persuaded that I was born to cook… enjoying the site so far…

I know what you mean. I am an old married guy living in Illinois. I read cookbooks like othes read novels. I try to absorb the information so that it becomes an unconcious part of my mental database and then can be expressed in creative ways in my cooking. It works most of the time and when experimenting the secret is to not tell others what to expect so there are no preconceptions. Newly created recipes do not always turn out as I expect them to but they usually taste good so if it doesent thicken as planned, call it a stew and enjoy.

I am originally from outside Philadelphia docgirl and I am also finishing a degree, going to Penn State online can completely relate with not much time to cook have some quick recipes laying around let me know what like to give a whirl at one night.