Hi I'm new'

I am so happy to have found this forum. I was looking in my email and there was one from the The Secret Recipe website. I never knew this forum existed. Now I do and I will be on here alot. I love to cook. Being I amunemployed as of September I have been doing a lot of cooking.

im new here too love the recipes

just to say hi :stuck_out_tongue:
i am very happy to finally join.i am sure that i am going to have fun with all these recipes:D.

Hi! I’m new to this site too…well, I’ve actually joined instead of just being nosy! Hope to find and share a lot of recipes. Question though…how do you post a recipe? Do you just reply to another post?

Here we go again with a new person who is interested in cooking for my husband. After 40 some odd years, I need some new recipes and look what I found. Wow! Have looked at several and can’t wait to try some. Will try to figure out how to post some of our favorites too. Good cooking everyone!