Hi - Introduction

Hello Everyone!
I’ve been a member for awhile, but haven’t posted. Not familiar with these formats, so it’ll take me awhile to be comfortable with all of it.
I’m a cookbook collector, or have been) for about 50 years - haven’t collect many new ones in the past 20 years though - out of room for them, and as I’m now in my late 70’s need to be disposing of a lot of them, not collecting any more!!LOL!! My girls pray that I’ll get rid of most of my cookbooks, and most of my Fabric collection (I’m an avid sewist) before I get too much older. Neither of them are interested in much of either.
Anyway, I still do lots of cooking and baking. I used to have a custom Baking business - Primarily Wedding cakes - for about 14 years. Got tired of baking wedding cakes though, so gave it up. Still like to bake though - just not a lot!
Bake my own bread a couple of times a week, and cakes and pies on occasion. Never have liked baking cookies very much!
Looking forward to gleaning a bunch more fantastic recipes! :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, i hope that i can catch on.