HI Nice To Meet You All!!

Hi, My name is Vicki and I live (new resident) in the small town of Knob Noster, Mo. I’ve just recently taken a new interest in cooking because my new home has a lovely kitchen and it is so much fun to cook there. I’m a retired school teacher and business owner. I just sold my pre-school/daycare. Whew…it was so much work. I love to eat out but so few places have good food. I love good Italian and Bar-b-q. There is a place called Bandana’s and Oden’s for Bar-b-q and Olive Garden is ok and Gorozzo’s in Lee’s Summit is good. Wish I could go our more often and test out more places. This is my first time on this site and it seems like it is the best place to share cooking info. and ideas. Nice to meet you all. :lol: Hope to hear from some of you soon!! Vicki

:lol: Dear Vicki, I just read you message. I really enjoyed it. It is very nice to read all these great recipes, and to know a little background and information, about all of you. Have a great day and look forward to enjoying this web site. Joan Gabler

HI Vicki,
Im Debbie, in fact we are almost neighbors! I live in Concordia, Missouri only about 20 miles from you, I love touring Whiteman A.F.Base. Its awsome! I have been on here about a week and I have collected so many receipes already I cant wait to try them out! Welcome aboard! :smiley: