Hi there!

I’m Angela Baden. I’m happy to be here. I’m a mom and grandmom. I live in Washington, DC. Grew up in Annapolis, MD, on the Severn River at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay with great cooks and great food. My first love is seafood, catfish especially.:smiley: My other first love is chocolate, one of the essential food groups.:slight_smile: My third first love is food, in general. :smiley: I love to cook and I luv, luv, luv to eat. I cook for myself all the time.

Hi Angela and Welcome to RSN!

We’re glad you found us and happy you are joining us. We all love food, cooking, baking - you name it. And I see that you have the all important food group (CHOCOLATE) in your diet as well.

I’d love to re-create the Lincoln Monument in Washington - but they won’t let me do it because they know I wouldn’t get very far - I’d be “enjoying” myself too much (and by the time I got through “sampling the chocolate” the replica would be a miniature!)

(Gee I wonder if they would allow me to make an exact replica of Mount Rushmore in chocolate?)

Feel free to share - feel free to ask - that’s what we are here for!


Thanks so much for the welcome, KW. Very kind of you, sister chocolate lover! :smiley: