Hi to all you awesome cooks

Got a question, you probely have heard it before, there used to be a egg dish that was baked at the Cracker Barrel, they would make just one batch and then when it was gone that was it for the day. Ok, back to me~ I help out at church and when we have folks staying in the mission house, I prepare food for them , any where from 8-24 folks at a time, so I’m looking for easy dishes that I can fix ahead of time with a note on it on how to cook etc… I do a gift basket with instant oatmeal, muffens, fruit. With milk, ice tea and frech pressed coffee in the ref. but someone mentioned they would like a hot egg dish…Thanks
About me, liek I said, I help out at church and have a standing order for certain foods that I do ~Stuffed eggs made with Habin. peppers, green eggs and Ham, lettice rolled chicken salad, upside down cakes, for the kids kool-aid cakes.

Thanks I’ll give it a try and see if it is the one I need…now to multipy for 18…LOLL
Thank you