High Roller Tortillas- appettizers or meal

High Roller Tortilla’s H.J.'s

Floured medium size tortillas or usethe large size
Roast Beef. . sliced thin
Blackforest Ham…sliced thin or any sort of meats you like
1 pkg. of Philly Cream Cheese…softened
Artichoke hearts …drained…smashed
Pepper lightly
Flat leave lettuce
1/2 can of sliced black olives or use pimentos or both

Lay tortilla down flat on surface

Mix Philly Cream Cheese smashed drained artichokes together
spread on the top of tortilla
layer any kind of meats all over the top of cream cheese
Put olives, and lettuce on top of meats

Roll tight. Cover and Chill forabout 30 minutes
Cut into diagonal 2 inch slices.
Serve with soup or Tortilla Chips and Salsa hj :wink: