Homemade brown gravy

Homemade brown gravy

1/4 to 1/3 Cup Cooking Oil
1/4 to 1/3 cup Self Rising Flour
Water ( about 1 quart or stock of choice)
Salt/Pepper to taste

*If you are going to serve this with Chicken, you may use fresh or canned Chicken Broth instead of water. If you are gonna use over meat, such as Hamburger Steak, you may use fresh beef broth, canned broth instead of plain water.

Pour cooking oil into the skillet and heat on medium heat.
Add self rising flour to hot oil (about 1/4 cup)

stirring this constantly, slowly together, add the salt and pepper to taste.

This mixture should be thick enough that when stirred it is not runny. Add extra flour 1 TBS at a time until thick enough.

  • Got it too thick? Just add a little oil.

Brown mixture and add water or meat stock to thin it. If using meat stock, have it cold, room tempature or cooled down some if fresh, otherwise it will boil really fast and splatter. Thin to desired texture, using water or meat stock

Milk Gravy anyone?

Prepare as shown above. Just use milk instead of water or stock.

Tomato Gravy anyone?

Prepare as first receipt above, only add Large can of diced tomatoes and small can of tomato sauce or paste. You will also add water to this one to complete thinning it.

Serve over homemade biscuits, a meal in it’s self. Great served with Southern Fried Chicken or other meat dishes such as Hamburger Steak.

[b]Just had a question about the use of self-rising flour. Does the gravy turn out any differently using it vs plain all-purpose flour? I know self-rising flour is used a lot in the South and was wondering if this was a regional dish.


Self-rising is ok but can make gravy lumpy/doughy/too thick. Folks used plain in Carolina & BROWNED dry four first in a hot frying pan, turning with spatula over and over until a light golden brown. Gives gravy a “seasoned” taste from the start. I use to burn about a panful a week!!!