honey candy

Hi everybody. I’m new here.

Does anybody know how to make hard candies out of regular honey? I have had one several years ago and the taste still lingers. It is not too sweet, tastes just like honey, but is a hard candy. The one I had several years ago also had a pineapple flavor to it, and I know it was homemade, and not purchased from stores, because the wrapping was obviously just Glad plastic cut by a knife.

Does anybody have an idea what I’m talking about? Thank you.

kw, Thank you. The recipe seems simple and I would like to try it ASAP. But I have two quick questions. By strained honey, do you just mean liquid honey, free of solids? Also, what is the difference between glucose and sugar, I thought they are synonyms. Sorry I’m new into the world of cooking, so I’m not familiar with the vocabulary. I was also wondering if I can replace the rose extract with vanilla extract, because I have a bottle readily available, and I can’t wait to try the recipe… Thank you.