Honey Mustard

thank you for the recipe
Just onr thing what is corn syrup I have not seen it in the stores in the UK
What is it and if we cannot get it here can I use someting else.

Corn syrup is a sweetener used in baking, and should be found in the same aisle as the sugar, flour, and the like. It is also sometimes called Karo syrup. It is similar to honey in consistency, only clear.

There is no recipe that I could find for Honey Mustard???

It’s towards the bottom of this page…

I cannot find corn syrup here in the Uk
I have been to our ASDAS which is Walmart
and to Tesco still could not find it and we only had one maple syrup brand as we dont eat a lot of pancakes in the Uk. So I am stumped any suggestions.

Here is a link that I found for something called golden syrup sold in the UK. I have never used it myself so I don’t know what sort of flavor it has, but you might want to try it. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Karo syrup, as it is a pretty common cooking ingredient and you should be able to find it over there. Barring that, if you are near a US military base, and know someone who works there, you can find it in the commissary (on-base food exchange).