Horseradish Crab Dip

A family favorite and the thing I am most requested to bring to potlucks, office parties, Superbowl parties, etc…

Uncle Pete’s Original Horseradish Crab Dip
* 12 oz. “ready-to-eat” (pre-cooked) imitation crabmeat
* 12 oz. cream cheese
* 9 oz. Kraft horseradish sauce (the prepared horseradish sauce, not pure horseradish!)
* 1 packet Good Seasons original Italian salad dressing mix
* approx. 1/4 cup salad oil (vegetable, canola, sunflower, etc.)

Chop or mash crabmeat in large bowl. Add dry dressing packet and enough oil to thoroughly moisten seasonings. Blend together well. Add cream cheese and horseradish. Mix throughly, adding additional oil as necessary to facilitate blending and create the proper consistency. Chill for at least an hour.

Serve on mini-baguette toast or with crackers and vegetables.