hot crackers

this recipe is good for jazzing up your plan old crackers . Here it goes you use 1cup and half canola oil mix in dry ranch dresing mix and 2 teaspoons of ground red pepper you can add more if you like it a more spicy. mix all together measuring cup. then take crackers out of sleeves line them in a air tight container upright pour mixture over crackers then flip every 15 minutes for one hour. ( you will use whole box of crackers if container is big enough). Then you can eat and enjoy . put remaining crackers in some type of air tight canister or what ever you availableto store them in . These go great with salads, soup, or just by themselves. :slight_smile:

And if you don’t want them “hot” substitute 1 t. dillweed and 1 t. garlic powder for the red pepper! Or substitute 2 t. cracked black pepper for the red pepper.

Yes - they are good in salads and soups too!