Hot sauce

Dear Chefs,

I got a recipe of Betty’s Surfin Seafood cocktail sauceto eat with Onion Rings. There she used Hot Sauce and HORSERADISH Pest.
I searched for Hot Sauce recipe … But found there were various types of Hot sauce. So, Could not understand what kind of Hot Sauce I should use. Can you help me on this ?

Also HORSERADISH is not common in our country . Thus, pls advise what alternate spice I can use instead of HORSERADISH to make the Cocktail Sauce.
I will search in our shops here … If I get Dry Packeted HORSERADISH how I should use it ?


Hot sauce A spicy seasoning sauce that contains chili peppers, salt and vinegars.
Horseradish {omitted}{omitted}Horseradish is a perennial plant of the Brassicaceae family, which includes mustard and cabbages. Horseradish, sometimes blended with cream and called horseradish sauce, is often served with roast or boiled beef or sausages, as well as smoked fish. Horseradish is also used in some prepared mustards. Also, much of what is styled wasabi is actually common horseradish dyed green. Pungent condiment made from the grated white roots of this ancient herb. Used to spice up fish and meat dishes.

both can be purchased on line

You can get horseradish at any supermarket. It is usually in the refrigerated section. Get the plain one.