house smells good today -

Placed my pork ribs in the skillet to fry some before I added my stew meat; seasoned and waiting for them to cook well before adding my sauce ingredients.

Taters are cooked and cooling.

When ready - peel and mash my taters to make potato gnocchi.

Add a nice salad; my homemade garlic butter is waiting to get slathered on the Italian bread.

Typical old-fashioned Italian Sunday.

Can you post the pork recipe, please?

Very basic - I’ve been sick and I really didn’t feel like standing at the stove all day - so my meats were frozen - straight out of the freezer - I had bone-in pork riblets that I rinsed under cool water and placed in a hot pan with olive oil (you know the routine - heat the pan, add the oil, heat the oil, add the wet frozen meat so that it spits on you when you put it in the pan–OUCH) I let those cook until I could pull them apart and then I seasoned - Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, fresh minced garlic, fresh minced parsley (straight from the freezer).

I thought I grabbed a package of ground beef from the freezer - but it turned out to be stew meat - same thing - added that to the pan frozen and after it broke up I seasoned it the same as the pork and adding fresh ground fennel. I let them cook together, allowing the flavors of both to meld. Then I added my tomato paste and puree; added my sauce seasonings, a pinch of sugar, fresh grated Pecorino-Romano and I let it all simmer.

The meats just fell apart and melted in our mouths.

Thanks. It sounds really good.

I hope you try it!