How about a "Worst Recipes EVER" section?

For a laugh, or maybe a, kind of a “beware of this” section. I could st art with “recipes” that dates hve made to try to “impress” me…

How about the recipes you really like and ask for a copy only to have someone “accidently on purpose” leave out an ingredient or two. That would certainly qualify, wouldn’t it?

Someone in my family who shall remain nameless (SIL) always says her recipes are family secrets. Like we’re not all family! If you do get a recipe from her, better check the ingredients or at least question them. She kinda has a habit of “accidently on purpose” leaving out one or more key ingredient like marieann2001 said. I try to verify it elsewhere before making due to past experiences.

She is a good cook, just not a really sharing one.

When I was first learning to cook - I wanted to make an Indian dish that my husband loved. It called for 4 cloves og garlic. Just assuming that a clove was one head I used all four heads of garlic - of course you can just guess what happen - to this day everone reminds me to go lightly on the garlic

mmmmm…garlic…drool, drool! :smiley:

4 heads of garlic would certainly keep the vampires and fleas away. A section like that would certainly be entertaining.

When my brother got married his new wife did NOT know how to cook. Well, being a wonderful woman and wanting to make brownies for my brother, she thought scratch would be better than a mix. Well the brownie recipe called for 1/2 cup of cocoa, but the recipe she had gotten from a friend at work was written as 1-2 c instead of a slash or using the words. Well not knowing , she put 1 1/2 cups of cocoa thinking that that was half way between 1 & 2 cups. Needless to say the brownies were very chocolatey. Fortunately she had a good sense of humor and they and our family got a good laugh. Well she and I had a 101 coarse along with a Better Homes and Garden cookbook. My mother was not a real good cook, and I had a real desire to learn to cook and started cooking when I was about 8. Both of my grandmothers were great cooks and were thrilled to teach me. Well that was 35 years ago and she is now a very good cook and can make a killer brownie.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and am now at home and am always trying to make short cuts for my favorite recipes. I am having so much fun looking at recipes and reading the replies. I still love to cook and now have the time, which is good as it takes me longer to do things these days.
Y’all have a great day and remember the Lord will always give you the strength you need to accept changes in your life and He will always hold you in His hands.

This post seems to have become the Worst Recipes Ever section on it’s own :slight_smile: .

Maybe I should move it or make it sticky and you guys can have a blast.

I worked with a young Filipina and we had a potluck party. She brought some very nice light rice cakes called putos. I asked if she would give me the recipe, which she finally did. I made them and they came out like art gum erasers. I saw her older sister and told her my problem and asked what I did wrong. She said “What you did wrong is to ask my sister because she doesn’t know how to cook.” Her mother had made the putos.

My first Mother-in-law told me a story of the first Thanksgiving dinner that she prepared. The turkey was stuffed exactly how she bought it (yes, liver, gizzards, paper, etc.) and she baked a double crust pumpkin pie. Needless to say, I didn’t feel threatened in the kitchen.

Hope all is well with everyone. I’ve been very busy with my boat business and haven’t had the opportunity to hang out on this site. Miss the interaction!