How can I convert Ron's KFC recipe to the Grill

I’ve tried Ron’s KFC clone recipe and think it’s fantastic. I have many small bags made up of the Herbs and spices-minus the flour.

Is there a way to prepare chicken for the gas grill in such a way that it will be
flavor packed? Would I just shake the chicken pieces in the ingredient bag or is there some way that coating the chicken in the herb/spice/flour mix would still work on the grill?

Thanks in advance for your replies! ::smiley:

Aha…I even have one of those oversized injectors from injecting Bar B Q sauce
into meats but never gave a thought to using it in this case.

That one was too simple for you… :slight_smile: Thanks!

It would interesting to use Ron’s fried chicken spices to make a shake & bake fried chicken.

I’ve had luck grilling breaded fish (dip in melted butter then crushed soda biscuits) using both a solid flat griddle plate one time and then again using one of those perforated grill plates.

Oil both well and the breading stays on. Should work for chicken too I think - I’ll have to give it a try.