How many BTU's should I have

I am buying a new barbaque to finish up my back yard, I am considering a weber but I am not sure
how many BTU’s I should get, I thought the recommended amount was about 200 BTU’s per square inch of
surface, but I read here Help Planning a Barbeque and Choosing The Perfect Barbeque Grill
that I only need around 100, would this be enough or should I go for the “man” overkill?

Ya’ know, the amount of BTU’s isn’t the only thing in why higher outputs cost more. In most cases, the grill units are made heavier to withstand more heat.
The price might seem high, but the more BTU’s, the better (it’s a man thing…LOL.). This is one item, home owners should splurge on if they are serious about outdoor entertaining. Good units can last decades with few repairs. When ya’ consider the cost by year, the better ones are worth every penny.