How To Bone A Ham

Ham Bones

* Visible as protrusions on the meat surface; the aitch bone is linked by a ball-and-socket joint to the leg, which runs through the ham.

Beginning The Cut

* On the butt end of the ham, insert the knife into the flesh on the right side of the visible aitch bone. Cut in about 3/4 inch to free the flesh from that side of the bone.

Continuing The Cut

* Cut around the top of the bone and down the left side, keeping the blade parallel to the bone surface. As you work, pull the flesh gently back from the bone.

Freeing The Bone

* When you have cut completely around the bone, deepen the cut and pull back the flesh to expose the joint that connects the aitch bone to the leg bone.

Removing The Bone

* Grasp the aitch bone and twist it to loosen it in it's socket and expose the cartilage at the base of the joint. Cut through the cartilage and pull out the aitch bone.

Are there any videos for boning a ham?

The easiest way would be to ask the butcher to bone it for you. They don’t charge extra to bone it, but you will pay for the weight before it is boned.