How to contact anyone at RSN directly?

Hi, I ordered a few books from Ron/RSN as I had bought one of his older books from many many years ago and wanted some of the newer ones he has put out.

Unfortunately, it seems likely they are about to go missing in the post. See, I don’t live in the US so it was an international order; My order was sent on the 19th of December, arrived in my country on the 27th of December then suddenly on the same day, it left my country and went to Japan instead? It still says “On the way to your destination” on the tracker online, but since the 27th it hasn’t moved at all. That is a week ago.

I contacted USPS which were the ones sending the package and they told me someone who is responsible for sending the package has to contact them and I’m not able to myself since I live internationally.

Sorry for the long post, I have no idea where else to go with this. I remember many years ago there used to be a direct email for contacting RSN but that seems to be not featured anywhere now?

Thanks everyone,


I notified Tom - our other moderator - about this right after you posted it - he can check into this.

Thank you Kitchen Witch, I really appreciate that.

I hope he gets to you soon - if I could fix it for you I would. You’re very welcomed!

Please use Help For Customers for all customer service inquiries.