how to cook corned beef so it is lean?

Can anyone provide some tips on How to cook corned Beef so most of the fat melts away. When we boil it it always has too much fat for my kids and the pick it apart. There must be a secret on how to cook it so the fat dissolves? Any thoughts or recipies.

IMHO, brisket has more taste.

I have cooked corned beef for years both kinds in just water with a bay leaf and pepper corns until tender. I never cut off the fat because when sliced and eaten with the fat it never tastes greasy and the flavor is better. If you want to cut off the fat that is Ok but you are missing out on flavor especially in the sandwiches I make the next day (If there is any left. Also I make it a New England Boiled dinner by adding Peeled Potatoes, Med whole. Whole onions and Half carrots when the corned beef is just about done. Serve all together on a platter. But don’t forget to cut across the grain as other wise it is too stringy. Serve with Rye Bread and I have never had anyone not love it.

I am in Australia and I boil corned beef in a large sausepan of water with 2 tablespoons brown sugar and about 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 6 whole cloves, time varies on size but till the fork comes out easily and the meat tender…few hours most times, simmer only but keep water covering meat…trim corned beef of any excess fat before cooking…always turns out nice… enjoy…