How to Get Steak Very Very Tender

Hi Guys

Recently I ate out at a local take out and their speciality is Toasted Steak Sandwiches. I know now why that’s their speciality because it was divine and unlike any sandwich I’ve ever tasted.

Now I’d like to try and make something similar. I can remember 2 distinct things about the sandwich. 1 was the steak and the other was the sauces.

With regards to the steak, it was absolutely tender. The texture of the steak was such that you could break it with your hands with as minimal effort as possible. If I were to compare it to something more meaningful, I would say it was like beef mince, only difference was it has connecting tissues like any piece of steak. Each strip of steak in the sandwich was about 3-4mm thick and about 1cm square and the connecting tissues on each piece is extremely weak. The steak was definately cooked in a pan with sauces mixed together.

My question is how can I make steak similar to my description above.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys

Sadly, the only way is to ask your local take out where they are buying their steaks from, and see if you can also purchase. Clearly the steaks are marinated and aged, and a very specific cut of beef is being used so they fit a restaurants needs.
One way to do it yourself, is to age your beef. Back in the 50’s &60’s, most refridgerators came with trays for aging meats, but alas, no more. Best to read up on aging meats before ya’ try, but its pretty simple really. Just takes time for the aging process to tenderize the meat.


Thanks so much for the reply.
I doubt they would give of the details of their supplier since it’s their most famous item and their pride possesion. I would have to just keep trying different ways.

I did read that when cooking steak in a pan, one must have it on low heat or the steak toughens up. On my attempt my heat was high since i thought steak cooks tender on quick high heat but maybe that was my problem.

I will give ageing some thought.

If anyone else has any other tips, please feel free to share.


According to some of the Cooking shows on Food NEtwork or such, to tenderize beef, dry age it in a cooler. that is to allow it to sit, vacuum sealed preffered,for two weeks or so. the air will not get to it to spoil it but it will breack down the fibers and make the meat more tender as the nateral enzymes(sp?) work on the tissue and break it down.