How to Lose Weight

By eating continuously does not mean eating everything in an uncontrolled way. Your weight loss diet must give you clues on what is the right sort of foodstuff and this is what you have to have on your list of foods. What you can eat without restrictions is minus calorie foods which will give you a mood of fullness and at the same time burn more calories in your system.To loss weight is not a tough task one should have will to get the right shape and things will take place automatically in a desirable way.
Tia smith

Eat healthy and exercise.

There are too many of those ads out there saying if you eat this… you will loose weight , well you need to exercise to burn away the calories/fat.

If you dont have time to exercise , find ways of doing it in your regular day. Like bike to work , or go for walks.

Tanks for that i hope it will be very useful for me, by reducing weight i can look some more smart,

I have a homemade soup that is low calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate. I have about 4 - 6 oz. every couple hours starting in the morning and continue until dinner time. I then have a very sensible dinner keeping my total daily intake below 1200 calories and below 120 grams of carbohydrates. This has been able to stimulate a sluggish metabolism which helps me to lose weight and lower my blood sugar. I have added daily exercise and the weight loss has increased.

As a test a stopped this regime for a month, ate a very healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner still keeping my daily totals for calories and carbs the same. My blood sugars went up and I began to add weight.

The moral of the story; It is best for me to have regular snacks every couple hours to prevent my metabolism from storing calories instead of burning them. As the doctor put it, I have a very efficient metabolism.

I find it amazing how many calories are in food. The way I lost weight was counting calories and walking on the treadmill. But I found it hard only eating a certain amount of calories in a day, especially when I worked out, that made me more hungry. I know its a very simple process… but it’s not that easy, especially when you are the only one in the house eating healthy and counting. Good luck to everyone that wants to lose weight :slight_smile:

Just make sure that you go negative for calories ever day. It means diet plus exercise. Good luck.

Lots of people are now a days facing obesity. It is all because of the fast food and irregularity. Well some are starving hard to lose weight on other way. You can do regular exercise to lose weight. Do yoga, meditation and other common exercise like walking, swimming and all to lose weight and better health.

I’ve been exercising moderately every day and eating from all the necessary food groups. Much of my diet has consisted of fresh vegetables and fish, which keeps my good cholesterol levels high.

Thanks TIA for sharing and providing good tips to loose weight in a proper manner .

you will loose weight , well you need to exercise to burn away the calories

I too believe that drinking plenty of water,not taking heavy food stomach fully at one time,doing regular exercises.

Recently I am substituting my food with raw vegetables and fruits with out eating any thing, it is helping me very much.

It’s all an April Fools joke. You can’t really lose weight. :smiley:

I like the hot dog water diet. I haven’t lost any weight, but my dog sure likes me. :smiley:

Eat the food made in home,avoid outside food and heavy snacks.Take less food at nights and more at breakfast.This really helps.

You can easily lose 3 or more pounds a week at home with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, Aerobic and work out, says weight loss counselor Katherine Tallmadge, RD.

To loss weight is not a tough task one should have will to get the right shape and things will take place automatically in a desirable way.

I will never understand why people come to cooking sites to discuss weight loss. That’s like going to a cigar website to talk about quitting smoking. :smiley:

Sudden loss in weight is also not good to health.Acidity,loss in strength and frequent illness are the main symptoms for unhealthy.So go for good and healthy diet like taking soaked badam,pulses like green grams eating plenty of vegetables ,fruits and drinking 3litres of water.

I always take my medical advice from random, anonymous, internet posters who post anecdotes. After all, what does my doctor know?