How to Properly Make Chicken Fajitas - Mexican Cooking


How to Properly Make Chicken Fajitas - Mexican Cooking



  • Grill
  • Large sauté pan
  • Tongs (2)
  • Fajita pan or cast iron pan


  • Large green onions (4)
  • Citrus-marinated chicken breasts (2)
  • Large white onion (1, sliced)
  • Yellow bell pepper (1, sliced)
  • Red bell pepper (1/2, sliced)
  • Olive oil


    1. Toss the green onions with one tablespoon of olive oil. Place them crosswise on a heated grill. 00:33
    1. Place the pre-marinated chicken breasts on the hot part of the grill. 00:43
    1. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a sauté pan. Once hot, add the onion and bell peppers and lightly toss together. Stir occasionally to cook evenly and prevent browning. 00:57
    1. Optional: Heat the cast iron fajita pans upside down on the grill or in a pre-heated oven for five minutes. 01:59
    1. Take the grilled green onions off heat and set them aside to keep warm. Using the “raw chicken tongs,” flip the chicken breasts. Season the chicken and vegetables with salt. Lightly stir the vegetables with the “vegetable tongs.” 02:27
    1. Once the chicken breasts are cooked through, take them off the grill. Allow to rest for five minutes so the juices can redistribute. Then cut the chicken into strips on the bias. 03:16
    1. Once the vegetables have softened, add in the chicken strips. Transfer half the mixture into each of the hot fajita pans. Top with two grilled scallions each. Serve with flour tortillas and a side of guacamole, if desired. 04:28

How to Properly Make Chicken Fajitas - Mexican Cooking