~How well its grown~

Recently, I did a thread about purple basil. I’d gotten a purple basil plant (was in bad shape) a month or two ago, and I didn’t know much of what the difference might be between purple basil, and green (sweet) basil.
I guess I already knew the difference between if a herb is grown well or not, but I guess I hadn’t thought of it much.
The plant I got, had a nice purple tinge to the green basil leaves. Yet now, after weeks of proper care, the leaves are dark purple with no hint of green.
Made me aware of how seldom we think about how potent our spices might be.
Having also had somewhat of a beef background (was a meat cutter), it also reminded me of how people don’t realize that a brand of beef means little.
I mean to say, just as their are poorly grown purple basil plants, there are poorly grown Black Angus cows. And the same for tomatoes, potatoes, etc.
Often, food products are marketed by brand, yet it truly means little with meats.
Just as there is Black Angus choice, there is Black Angus select. Just because a cow is Black Angus, doesn’t mean its good meat. The fact that people are willing to pay an extra buck or two for Black Angus, is being taken advantage of by the supermarkets. Whether any market is selling great meat or not, has nothing to do with the brand of cattle.