Hello everyone. I am so glad to be here. I am new here and I just love the hound out of it. I am a 57 years old Southern grandmother and I am always looking for some quick and easy reciepes . Thanks for letting me join. Maybe I can pass on some food that has been passed down to me from the family and friends. I love you all and God Bless. Hope to figure all of this out soon. Love to all bamadian:

I am new here as well. I’m also a grandmother (of nine) and love cooking. I grew up in the South and love southern food - as you can tell by my screen name. My father owned a restaurant and my mother was renowned in our community as a cook and baker. She compiled her 1950s Southern recipes into a cookbook shortly before her death. Our Southern family was foodie before it was popular. Therefore, I have many wonderful recipes. Now I am looking for healthy, fresh food recipes that I can make after work when evening meetings are on the agenda. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am new to this site also. I enjoy cooking and baking now that I have a kitchen that is really nice. I bake cookies once a week for the Worship Team at church and the left overs usually end up in the pastors’ office area. I am also fairly new to the area we live in and some people have enjoyed some of the foods I have cooked from the Hoosier land. It is very interesting how each area of the US have their specialties.