I just found this forum and want to say THANK YOU!!!

I am a mom of 5 kids, ranging from 2 1/2 to 8-years-old. Needless to say, with a family this big, I am always looking for meals that go a long way, yet that everyone will love.

I’ve recently gotten on a soup and sandwich kick. While my husband does not care as much for soup, I do a little extra something on the side for him, or make him his favorite hamburger.

It’s easy to get into the same ole rut with anything in life, but when you are dealing with homework in the afternoon, a very active 2 1/2 year-old all day, I’m sure most of you can imagine how difficult it is sometimes to even do dinner, much less something different.

I started browsing through my recipe book that I’ve compiled, and tried some recipes I’ve always wanted to try. I found some new soup recipes online, and have tried them.

Now with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays here, I am really looking forward to trying some new things.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

LadyWarrior, I too want to welcome you to Secret Recipes Forum. Ha, everything is bigger in Texas, right? Hope that also includes your recipe file. You will come to love this site and rely on it for something new to come up with for dinner. Teach those kids to cook, they’ll love you for it. Best wishes…

Many, many Newbeeeees here, me being one of them. I’ve visited the site often but being a “just for fun” computer user, I just figured out how to sign in. This is a wonderful site. Always fun & KW you’re always a hoot, love your story of “all the snow etc.” I’m here in WA. state & when it snows here everybody panics w/ only 6-8" of snow on the ground…lol.
I’ve read many recipes from here also prepared alot of very good recipes, I will be in touch & I hope to get better at figuring things out here…Till later, Grammikraker