i am brand new

i am brand new have never chatted or anything

what are threads and how do you use/get them

Welcome to RSN!

This is a great site with many active members that can help you with anything that you need.

It looks a bit overwhelming at first - but really it isn’t.

We have a rule - in order to request a recipe, a newcomer must post a recipe or answer anothers request.

You are more than welcomed to post your first recipe on the recipe exchange (Exchange Recipes). As you start to browse around the site - you find that you will be able to click on any forum for more recipes, hints and info.

Should you ever need anything - just ask!

Once again - welcome and we look forward to any recipes you would like to share with us.

Kitchen Witch

PS - We also have SEARCH for recipes if you would like to use that!

Threads are a string of posts. For example, if someone starts a new topic and several people reply to the post, the entire conversation is called a thread.

To start a new post simply click the “New Topic” button.

Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum.