I Can't Seem to Bake A Frozen Pie

I’ve been buying frozen fruit pies from my supermarket, and as much as I try to follow directions, they never seem to come out right.

Either the top part of the crust starts to burn or else I seem to take it out before the bottom has fully cooked.

I tried adjusting the temperature up and down and also the cooking time, but after more than 10 pies I just never seems to work right. I tried baking one at 350 instead of 375 and the crust just dissolved and got mushy. I tried 400 and the whole top turned black. And the bottom still wasn’t fully cooked – as in flaky crust.

Is there any “art” to cooking one of these things? Some cost $11-12 so I’m not buying cheap stuff. I’ve never gotten a one of them to cook where the bottom is that flaky brown crust that you expect from a pie.

I feel like these pies cannot be cooked right…maybe I should thaw them first?


My advice is to make your own pies. It is much cheaper.

some grocery stores sell pie rings, which work well to prevent the crust from burning. I’ve been using mine for years to bake frozen pies.

Frozen Pies will do that, The outer ring of the crust seems to burn no matter how well you read the instructions. I would, like posted above, get a pie ring. Making your own pie is always an option as well!