I need a recipe for sticky rice

I don`t have any fancy bamboo steamers or anything so does anyone have recipe for sticky rice, in just a regular pan? Or I do have an electric rice steamer.
Thanks in advance,
Cathy :smiley:

:?: Don’t quite know what you mean by “sticky rice”… Are you referring to the rice that is sticky and preferred by the Koreans, or Japanese sushi rice, or the sweet rice used in Thai cooking? There are several interpretations, as you can see!

I have a large list of recipes and “sites” with all of these types of recipes included, but I recommend you “google” with your request (faster than waiting for a reply and more fun probably!).

I can tell you several important points, tho, for making “Korean-style” rice (just good plain and sticky rice)…

A) No need for a rice cooker – just use a good quality heavy pot (such as stainless steel) with a good tight-fitting lid. I also cheat a bit - I give the pan a little shot of non-stick spray.
B) Make sure you use a good quality short to medium rice (Kokuho Rose, Nishiki, Tamaki or CalRose brands are best). Note: they have “new crop” notations on the bags most of the time – why, I don’t know!!! I buy the 5# bags for my family of 3 adults (we love rice) about 4 times a year - I used to get the huge 25#ers, but the rice would last almost a year and was stale by the time I got to the bottom!!
C) Use 2-1/4 cups raw rice and 3 cups water to make about 5-6 fair servings (although in my family of 3 adults, it just makes 3 really good - just enough - portions!!).
D) Rinse raw rice (even if bag says “no rinse”) very well in a fine mesh colander with cold running tap water; then let “sit” for 1/2 hour before putting into pot with measured water.
E) Do NOT use SALT!!
F) Put rice in the pot and just bring to a boil over medium heat, stir once and cover – turn heat down to the lowest setting.
G) Absolutely and positively do NOT open the cover to check or stir!! NO PEEKING!! :twisted:
H) After 25 minutes, move pot off the heat. DO NOT OPEN LID YET!!
I) After 10 minutes you may open the cover and give your rice a stir from top to bottom (recommend you use a flat medium spatula, not a spoon), cover and hold it for another 5 minutes… THEN you may serve… :smiley:
From start to finish, it takes approximately 45 minutes to make a good fresh pot of rice.

If you have any more questions, just send me an “e”, OK?? Enjoy!!

  • Kathy