I need directions for Metafesa pressure cooker

I purchased a new Metafesa Chicken pressure cooker like the ones sold at fairs and other such events that makes chicken like KFC. There were no directions. I am afraid to use it without them. The distributor was not very nice and would not send me anything since I had not purchased it new.


Betty from Washington State

Let me explain a little better…the pot is new…looks like a 6 or 8 qt. size…I bought it from a neighbors garage sale. I expect no directions is why it was in her garage sale. Hope I am not the $25.00 fool.


The stuff to make it like KFC is in a packet made by McCormicks - just add a dash of sugar and voila’ - just like kfc. If you got it at a garage sale for $25 you got a great deal - a 6 or 8 qt costs around $250 - has a lifetime warranty.

You can figure out what size it is by using quart containers of water - keep pouring the water in till the water level reaches the bottom rivet (near the top of the pan). Hope this helps.