I was lazy today -

One 8-qt. stockpot - one beef soup bone from the freezer - washed - place in pot.

Cleaned and sliced carrots; added to pot.

Cleaned and sliced celery and chopped fresh celery leaves; added to pot.

Diced small onion; added to pot.

Fresh ground black pepper; added to pot.

7 beef bouillon cubes; added to pot.

Cover with cold water; simmer; skim.

One bottle tomato juice (quart + size); added to pot.

Add salt to taste.

Add fresh chopped parsley.

Diced potatoes: added to pot.

When potatoes were just about done; frozen peas - added to pot.

When broth returned to simmer - added 3/4 c. couscous. Turned off heat. Covered for 5 minutes -

soup was done!

Ladel into soup bowls - pass the bread - enjoy!

dessert -

make your own -

floured tortilla shell; lightly buttered; spread a bit of canned pie filling; roll and microwave until hot - instant (imitation) pie

or - leave off the pie filling and just sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar; roll and microwave until hot -

I don’t feel up to much today - can you tell???