I would like to know...

Hi everyone!

My husband and I were just talking about Christmas dinner traditions. I used to think that EVERYONE had tourtières (meat pies) for Christmas. I have since realized that this is a French tradition. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know how many people are serving this during Christmas?
I’ve have eaten meat pies made by various people throughout the years and I can honestly say that there are only 3 people who make it delicious! LOL no kidding. My mom, my grandmother, and a friend’s mother.
:stuck_out_tongue: People make it so differently and, therefore, the pies taste so differently. But nobody beats my mom’s tourtières!! :wink:

I wonder how many people in the states read your post and were thinking I have never heard of tourieres…lol.
Before I moved here I had never heard of them, but i cant believe how many people I know here that do have that on xmas.
I have never made one but maybe i will for 2006!!

Hi Aline :smiley:

Never had a “meat Pie” Shepherd’d pie, chicken pot pie, Steak n Kidney pie once…Mmmm but never tourtières. Did you happen to put a recipe for it here :?: As far as Christmas Dinner traditions are concerned…I’m not sure Americans have set traditions like on Thanksgiving. Turkey usually rules that Day here but Christmas, we don’t do as big a dinners necessarily but we like to do other roasts. I can’t speak for all Americans of course but that’s usually what I hear…Crown Pork Roast, Ribeye beef Roast, I tried a goose this Christmas and if I ever do one again I’ll do it in the crockpot! Anyway, just thought I’d add my two cents, take care

Tourtiere is a Quebec dish literally meaning “pie from the sky”.I t was originally made from carrier pigeon but alas the bird is no more.Now it is made from ground pork .The Sauganay region however makes their pie with a yeast crust and game