If you could only have one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you could only have one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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by: lvdkeyes

I’d have to say Italian of course.

KW, your answer comes as no big surprise to me. LOL

I’m so spoiled - and I don’t have any blood in my body at all - it’a all that good thick rich sauce!

My answer is also Italian. I see many people view the thread, but not many cast a vote. I wonder why.

I would go with Italian as well, it’s such a comfort food to me, I eat it all the time

It’s a tough choice between chinese and Italian, but if only one choice…Italian. I NEVER get tired of spaghetti and meatballs!

LOL There is a lot more to Italian food than spaghetti and meatballs, but I do love that too.

Sooooooo many think that Italian food is spaghetti and meatballs and that’s it! There is so much more to it! Non-believers - take the plunge and explore the wonderful world of Italian Cuisine!

Heck - ring the doorbell - I’ll force-feed ya! LOL!

At one point I thought it would be chinese, but I agree with everyone else,it definately would be Italian. Not just spaghetti and meatballs.

Oooh this is a tough one. It’s a tie between Italian and Mexican, but at the end of the day I would probably say Italian as well. I don’t know what I’d do without pasta…

that is a difficult thing to decide, but i think it would have to be German. I do love Italian food, but, it is very hard to beat a good Oktoberfest beer bratwurst, schnitzel…

great, know i have a craving for beer n brats

there are times I crave German foods - I know what your mean!

I do like German food, in fact, all kinds of foods, but if I could only have one cuisine, Italian would be it because of the huge variety and wonderful tastes.

French or Italian…no, French I think.

Richness, compounding of flavors, attention to details, flavor reductions and concentrations, and so much wonderful cheese.

Italian of course, I couldn’t live without pasta alla carbonara, pizza, tiramisu…
and one of the best thing is that it isn’t even too hard to make :slight_smile:

I thought I knew what my choice was, but that was before I read all the others. It would probably be chinese. One quick question. Could “comfort food” be considered a
cuisine?? (lol) That would really be my choice.

Nothing beats comfort foods!! Regardless of cuisine!

Every cuisine has its own comfort food.

Hmmm, this is a tough one. My two favorites are Italian and Mexican. I guess I would go with Italian, though. I watch Lydia’s Italy on ETV, when she is on, and I usually sit here drooling, lol. Yeah, definitely Italian for me!