I'm back.

It has been a while since I visted this web-site. And really am sorry aout that. I am getting ready for my 4th. surgery on April 29. After that, I will be off work for some time and will able to visit often. I will be able to try more of these great recipes. STILL LOVE YOUR SITE!. Keep good thoughts and I will turn all this over and let God handle it. A blessed day to you all.:wink:

I’m new here so I don’t know your situation, but I wish you well. I will on the other hand compliment you on your faith. Six months ago I found out I have ALS. At 36 years old I have questioned my faith in the deepest ways.I have tried ot understand why god would put my family through this. What did I do so wrong that he would put my wife and children through this. I guess I am triing to gain some lifelong validity here by showing the members what I love. But instead I have seen the caring kitchen witch feels for you but welcoming you back and saying a little prayer for you. I guess it somewhere it my soul makes me feel someone still has unwavering faith. Thank you…Check out my thread about putting together state or city sized clubs and starting some fun competetions.

Thanks KW , its been real confusing . I have to believe its in the lords hands and at the same time try to plan for my wife and childrens future incase i’m not around. So to keep myself somewhat sane, I have started to put all my family recipes together so none will get lost due to death. There are recipes my grandmother told me and noone else , I would hate for these to be lost forever.OK now i’m rambling.thanks again

Welcome back, and good luck with everything!

Hi to all of you good wishers out there.
I really appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. I truely believe that God has a plan for me but, I just have heard about it… yet. In his time. It seems like everytime they find something wrong…it is taken care of again. The last time I did chemo, 24 treatments, I never missed a days work. I prayed everyday that he would just keep me going. I could not have made it thru all of that with out my faith, my church and the great bunch I work with every day. So, I know he will bring me thru this too. This is a mountain here on earth for us but, just a mole hill in heaven. There is so many prayers for me, the devil don’t stand a chance. Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming and I will keep you all in good thought as well. We will talk again soon and it will be great rejoicing.