I'm looking for RX for a failed cookie bar

I made my favorite chocolate toffee squares for Thanksgiving. I’ve made it many times and have often played with the recipe and never had a problem, until now! Yikes, my cookie crumb crust stuck to the pan. Could be because I used dollar store nonstick spray but more likely because I used shortbread cookies rather than nilla wafers. As much butter as the recipe calls for, I have never had it stick before. So, I just scraped the chocolate toffee crumbled mess into a giant ziploc bag. It tastes heavenly, but it’s a crumbly mess. It would make a good topping for ice cream, but I dont plan on eating that much ice cream in my life! So, what can I turn this into? the bottom layer was shortbread, brown sugar and butter, then a layer of brown sugar and butter i cooked until it turned to caramel and poured over. Baked for 10 minutes and then topped with melted chocolate chips and walnuts. Now, it’s mostly crumbles and chocolate. Can I add flour, eggs, etc to make a new kind of cookie batter? Can I fold it into cake batter - it has almost a butterfinger thing going on. What can I turn this mistake into? Thanks. Tracy