I'm new and I have a question

Hi guys,
I’m new, I just joined. I look forward to talking with all of you. I also look forward to trying the secret recipes. I’ve eaten these foods almost all my life, it will be great to be able to reproduce then at home. I do have one question though. Do you have any low sodium recipes? My husband is on a low sodium/no salt diet, so any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks for letting me be a part of your group. If you want to know more about me, just check my profile.
Bonnie :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonnie -

First of all - Welcome to RSN! We have many secret recipes for you to try.

Have you checked our Health Forums for low sodium/no salt recipes? We do have seasonings and recipes for that here on the site. You could also try our Search to help you with that.

It’s very nice to see you here and we hope you enjoy it very much! Please feel free to share any of your favorites with us as well!

Our great family of cooks are always willing to help.

Once again - Welcome Aboard!

Kitchen Witch

Welcome parkcook to our wonderful site and yes we do have some low salt recipes but as Kitchen witch said go to search and you may find some recipes there to.

And we dd have a nice family of cooks and they are willing to help you.

Please feel free to post any of your favorites for us and feel free to ask for help if you need it.

Again Welcome, have a nice day!!!

Southern Belle

Bonnie I would like to WELCOME you…
I know what it is like to have to watch your sodium in take, and end up with a bland meal… But my trick is to use"Mrs. Dash seasoning"in place of salt…
Like Emerial would say “BAM”… Also I add a little more Black pepper…
This trick works good for me… Please give it a try and let me know what you think… I love your feed back…
Enjoy this site, and talk to you latter…
Reg B.
ryan-boczko@sbcglobal.net :slight_smile:

Hi Bonnie,

I will be posting some low-salt recipes on RSN in a little while but I am also on a low-salt diet and I also use Mrs. Dash Seasonings and black pepper maybe some garlic powder it pretty much takes care of the bland taste also use some herbs to.

Let us know what you think and do try it is very good to.

We also have a new recipe site called FoofPals.com I have a group on that called “Cooking It Lite” they are pretty much low-salt recipes so come on over and visit us and join my groups I have three now the others are “In the Pantry, Tips & Articles” and “What’s for Dinner?” If you have a problem with joining or need help on the new site please do not hesitate in letting me know and I will be more than glad to help you. My User name on that is ChefBelle. I am both recipe sites to they are a lot of fun but be sure to let us know how you like the Mrs. Dash Seasonings.

You take care for now.

Southern Belle