I'm new here also and have a question??

HI I’m a newbie here. :slight_smile: Im going to have a lot of fun checking out new recipes. :slight_smile: Wow!!! TY! I love trying new recipes.

I just spent a lot of time checking out different topics and I’m a tad confused as this point where to ask a question???

So I’ll ask it here. :slight_smile:
Hubby was in charge of deciding our New Years Day dinner and he did GREAT!!!

Came home with 4 # of King Crap Legs/Claws (frozen from the local market) It’s been a while since I’ve made them. So…Help please!! I’m going to steam them and I like adding seasonings while steaming …any suggestions? I have “Old Bay” is that ok?? and I don’t remember if I steamed them from frozen or thawed?
Appreciate any help!!! Thank you!


Great! TYVM :smiley:

Kitchen Witch,
I tryed the Crab Legs Royal today, they were great!
Debbie :smiley: