I'm new here

Hi everyone,
I’m from Ohio along Great Lake Erie…60 miles east of Cleveland. This is snow country and I don’t like it one bit. Too cloudy, too cold, hardly any sun, & if we do have Spring or Summer it’s too humid.
I love receipes and am looking forward to sharing with everyone also to learn from all of you.:stuck_out_tongue:

I am new to this site and also new to any chat room site. I joined because I am looking for tips on copying a recipe for a lime pie with macadamia nut crust which I had in a local restaurant. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Hi everyone. I am new as well. I was hoping that someone might help me find a pie recipe that has long since been lost from my files. Though I think I need to post a recipe before asking for help? I look forward to learning more about this great site.