I'm new to this...

Hello all! I am just now trying to learn how to cook at the age of 32. I would love to exchange recipes but don’t have any. Any suggestions. I want steak recipes and I know I have to post a recipe to start exchanging. I think everyone knows how to make grilled cheese sandwiches! I want to say a big hello to Kitchen Witch and b-man, whose post and replies I have been reading. I also am on board with SendMeRecipes.com and can not wait for it to start. It sounds like I am behind the marketing curve, b-man. Well, I assume you are a vet, like my mom, thank you! GK

Welcome to RSN gakboone! Hey - it’s never too late to start cooking! And you know that all you have to do is ask and you will find help here! I am glad you enjoy our site. Try one of our recipes or tips and post how it went for you! If you need any help - just give a holler! We have many active members that are always willing to help!

Kitchen Witch

And regarding grilled cheese sandwiches - I love mine with a scrambled egg between the 2 slices of cheese and a friend of mine likes sliced tomato between the 2 slices of cheese! LOL