I'm outta here..............

Well - almost -

at least I can make it to the street from the garage!

Geez - the winds will not stop - they closed the roads all around us - everything is a bloody mess - I mean a WHITE mess!

In my area the snow does fall from the sky - it comes from an invisible force from west to east - totally sideways - and it just won’t stop. Mr. Wind is so full of hot air that I wish I could deflate his blow!

After trying to shovel 4 feet of snow I gave up after 1 1/2 hours this morning. I got nowhere anyway - all I did was freeze my butt off and get windburn. It is so cold out there and the winds make the wind chill factor even worse. But at least this morning I wasn’t shoveling during an electrical storm like yesterday.

So I had to call the recruits! Plowing service to the rescue! I will never find my front sidewalk though - that is so buried under ice and snow that in July the neighborhood kids can sled down the mounds.

But at least I can now get into the street - don’t know what the roads are like from there - many are still closed - but I don’t feel so closed-in now.

Can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon - it is supposed to let up! And Mr. Wind should be tired out by then.