I'm so fat

Please help me, I very fat and do not know that to me to do with my body.
Diets do not help, nothing helps.
Who íèáóäü can advise me as me to grow thin?

A few quick liners…but in all keep the faith alive. Choose a plate that is sectioned. Fill the large portion with veggies, the small sections with meat and sides. Eat small portions, no seconds. Eat breakfast! Drink lot’s of water. Walk as far as you can, as much as you can. Eat smaller meals. Do not eat out more than once a month. Do not eat white at night. Stay away from diet anything. Eat what God gave us, not what is man made, natural, as much as you can.
Good luck!

“Once past the lips…forever on the hips.”

“What you eat in private…shows in public!”

“Go on a limburger cheese & garlic diet. You don’t lose any weight, but you look thinner from a distance.”

Recently in our paper, “The Star” from Minneapolis, there was an article from a gal that teaches exercises, a Katrina transplant. She said to:
“Eat like a King at breakfast, a Queen at lunch, and to eat like a poor person in the evening.”


i would recommend finding a weight watchers in your area. i joined them years ago and lost tons of weight. they teach you portion control and proper eating habits. as well, as someone said above, see your doctor and a nutritionist. they can help you.



I agree with all of the above recommendations. I truly believe that starting with a physician is the right first step. Have blood work done and any other tests recommended by your doctor to ensure that your levels are in balance. You would be amazed at how much can be determined by a true evaluation of your endocrine system.

In the meantime, don’t let food be your first and only thought of the day. I understand that you most likely feel so overweight that what would not eating something bad or to excess matter at this point. Try very hard to get beyond that point, because it does matter. Make a schedule for yourself of what foods you want to eat and when. I believe in counting calories; however, focus on smaller quantities at the beginning. Main point is to not let food be your number one priority. As soon as you shed 10 or more pounds you’ll start on a positive role.

In ending, connect with your doctor, and my best to you.

Regards, Paula

the best way to play it is go to the gym and eat little amounts more often, this speeds up you metabolism and enables you to lose weight faster.