Immersion Hand Blenders - Opinions Wanted

I love to make various type of soups and basically pouring it into the blender to smooth it out is a pain, so I’ve been contemplaiting buy an Immersion Hand blender. Thinking I might want a commericial version, I looked into those and quickly looked the other way when I saw the prices. Anyways I would like to get a “good” one that will last a good while. I’ve been looking at the Braun Professional series with a 400watt motor. Any opinions on the Braun or others will be very much appreciated.

I have the same one - I like it very much!

I bought a Braun and it promptly tore-up the first time I used it and ruined a whole pot of soup. So after returning it for a refund I later bought a Wolfgang Puck model with 550 watt motor and so far it’s done a good job. I don’t know if it’s me or what but initial torque from startup will just about wrest it from your hand, so I suggest at least start with two or be prepared.