In need of recipe from tops

This is my 1st time ever posting anything at all.
Back in the 60’s there was a fast food place that was called TOPS. It was in the Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C. I do not know if it was anywhere else. I am looking for a sandwich that was called a Jim Dandy. It had ham and other things on it. It was so good. Does anyone have the recipe? Thank you.

I saw a photo of a Tops Drive-In restaurant and the article mentioned their were 18 restaurants in the chain. It went on to say the “Jim Dandy” was their signature sandwich. With that many restaurants someone must have the recipe.

Here in Cleveland, we have Bob’s (now called Elias Big Boy) Big Boy restaurants. I worked there for a short time. They serve a sandwich called a Slim Jim, which is just like the one KW just posted, except it came with tarter(or is it tartar?) sauce instead of thousand island dressing.
The tarter sauce was made by mixing mayo with sweet pickle relish.